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Voya. Helping you to and tgh retiment. Its two new hones tomoowut Ng some money on your U iPhones? Droppin immediatelso, Rebecca Jarvis is here tonight looking for your money. iPhone . iPhone X max. Eporter: Ty’ latest get iphones,he and xs max, about to go on sale ust hours.and if youe ING to upg and ll an old device, the clock is ticking to get top dollar. New iphonend on presal the valuoflder model drop pret F the previous genern phones drs much as$100 on resa M experts say youanelour D phone using sites like gazell buybackworld and decluttr W fou tig the going priceor iPhone X $490. Or you could to make more money by setting your own price he longer U wait, thless U’ to get foyour phone. Reporter: David, if plan to re-selan phone, it Pao shop arod. Everything from the carrier to E ion of thehone dermines whayou get paid. David? Advice. Rebecca, thank you.

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