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?????? Back now on “Gma day. Sara wtaut it. We know you’ve been having back problems.ked into I you’re not ane. 80% of adusuffer froback pain, many are new moms. Heretell us why and help save us from bpain is ou friend Dr. Jfer Ashton [ applau Hi guys. Back pain comes rent forms Ng on? First the dismer. ‘Rlking Abou hernted discs or kidney probmser pain tohe ck. N of the ML back Pai an newnso Bab got back. It’s the issue of stfn tightnes a weaknses. I like my description of baby got back. We’till call Y the’s a lot of misinformation and myth we want to seehve all know about back pain. Bust some. It est to takit easy when Y have back pain? True else. I say fal Whave such a smart audience. It’s counter productand unive.that’s theasu want to whenoue back Pai get io bed and become more immobilize you stiffen up, the muscles freeze you hamoving. You don’t want to overdo it. Obviously, buwant to en up. If you haveack pain, on matter ofimfore you need surgery? True or false. Yes. They’re two That is false. We have a saying in medicine good suron knows when to cut. A great surgeon knows when not to cut. A lot of unnecessary surgery done. Think physical therapy, rehab before you think O.R. Lot of parents get back pain because of the way they Carr theirchilen we’re going to do thisecause I think what gave me this back pain is how I carry Sandra. Sa ter than that Look at her. She’s so light. I can barely notice it I did this for — don’t normay R. Weere on vacation. Rather than two strollers, I pt H think I was compensating with my ba or sure. There’cos using a baby for thes. Yo to keep that baby high and closepossible. Times ourosture deterioratesonce we P tt bythere, we goisour shoulds slouch fward. If anything is going to slouch, you wanto booty pop. Am I poppin yowant to keep that baby high as possible. If I’m not careful we might get a third. Youpopp Right. Right. Tr at’s how you into this probm. Ais for babies. While ths no weighlimit set, if you’re carrying ar a toddler whose Ang the floor,e to put T carrier away. Going toeep my Bab withme. What’s next. When thbaarry you, it time to out. Becauseouddler an’s about king up the toddler, picking U other thgs when you’ve got the B in. Michael pretend that is a baby. This is not the combine. Nd down and show me H you going to that up. Cere little baby. You did it like the elite athlete you are. What I what you to remember, squat down, put down. You don’t want to like this. At’s not gd back. Teur mista. You want toat down pudown. We have other tngs too. Is ice better than heat? I a professio rehab therapist last night. He said you’re always best wit ice. Heat can make some type O back prworse. Ice for about 20 minus, evy two to threes. Most people fill ice C in a ziplocgy. Ozen peas conform to the body. I learned that in “Bridesm”. Really? This is re can T E end. Going Y. Astly I don’t want to lose an opportunity — I’ve goa baby so ca th You’rghkeep her quiet.. A of back pa comes from G weak andec. These balls are not expensive. They’re cheap balls. G it like se she said they’re not expensive. I want to be clear. Rengthen T L I want you to putt on E floor. Get a nice wide base. Put your H behind Yo head and come ulittle Ando . Is the proional athle re? I’m sliding. It’sou got down her what you’ going feel you’re goingelf it- GHT.

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