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ay trackinflorence. We’ll Wil — have much more later on thisis in linas later. Ant to move on to develoent involvinett Kavanaugh. The woman nd the allatcoming forward. E tells th”washington post” she thought he inadvertely kill H and tonight, the white house responding. Re’s davidright. Reporter: Tonigsupreme court nonebrett kavaugh’s accuser is stepping forward, to derie says he did at a high school Y back in the early 1980stine blasey falls the “Washington post” that Kavanaugh and his prep school friend were “Stumblingen they alto a room,re she says Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, groped her, and tried cover her mouth to prevent her om seaming as the friend watched. “I thought he might tly kill mford ld the “Po,” adding,he was Ying to atck me and move my clothing.” To the “post,”d Al “Took a pygraph test administer agent hat test reportedly concluded she was tellinthe truth. Fohared her story nfidentialn July wit Foor Dianne feinstei who forwaed it to the FBI last week. Vanaugh’s ponents are now calling on him name from consideration. T’s been an rgalactic frshow. Senate republic see the allegations as part of a desperate democratic attempt to smear kavana Why on Earth over the past four to six weeks hasn’t this been disss Thereere wild accusations kaat he hate, he hatechildren, categorically denied the allegation, saying, “I did not do this ba in high school or toght, the wteays it is “Stng with Jue ugh’s denial.” The and tonight,ca Lindsey graham said out theallegations, but he woulgladly listen to what she has say. Tom? David wght, thankou. We turn W to that lyarff the coast of

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