China announces tariff hike Video

  • Now Playing: China needs to fix trade practices, according to White House

  • Now Playing: China threatens new tariff as trade war escalates

  • Now Playing: Kavanaugh, accuser expected to testify at public hearing Monday

  • Now Playing: China announces tariff hike

  • Now Playing: Trump says he doesn’t think FBI should be involved in investigating Kavanaugh claim

  • Now Playing: Kavanaugh, accuser called to testify at public hearing

  • Now Playing: Trump directs release of parts of classified Russia warrant

  • Now Playing: Senator laments Kavanaugh’s ‘horror’ facing sexual assault allegations

  • Now Playing: GOP senator calls for Kavanaugh and accuser to both testify on Capitol Hill

  • Now Playing: Trump backs Kavanaugh despite sexual-assault allegation

  • Now Playing: Trump directs release of new portions of warrant tied to Russia probe

  • Now Playing: The Briefing Room: Allegations could derail Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation

  • Now Playing: Partisan sparring over handling of Kavanaugh allegation

  • Now Playing: Sen. McConnell urges Senate to keep Kavanaugh vote on schedule

  • Now Playing: DeVos: Americans should stop ‘hiding behind screens and Twitter handles’

  • Now Playing: Trump calls Kavanaugh ‘one of the finest people’ he’s ever known

  • Now Playing: Supreme Court nominee denies allegations

  • Now Playing: WH stands by Kavanugh’s denial of allegations

  • Now Playing: Trump aide speaks out on SCOTUS nominee

  • Now Playing: Sen. Chuck Schumer discusses Democrats’ strategy for midterms

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