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T out of line Toda with the rod chrichristie, W an ABC news contributor. Demo strategist brazil.nathan swaand tamaraeith NPR whit governor, did this plea deal for ma and the eent of his surprise Y N was facing the rest of his life in jail. Iny experience as a prosecutor wh someone ifa ificant ti ieir willingness to stay firm becomes much less I think we don’t know the significance this will ultitely, Jon. Ob Mueller does. I said right from the beginning, one of the things that made Mueller a ses and dangou prosecor is he has not let his operation leak. We don kw what — Paul manafortperating a other lobbsrom the Ukraine? Possibly. Is he coorating against pele in thtrumcampaign? It could be both or either. Bob Mueller won’t know. He pleaguilty to conscy against the united States of America. It broad impcations. I’m lawyer. That’s why I’m sitting next to paulanafort sa he T flip. He’s flipped. He’s cooper if he operate and give the prosecutor what he wants, we ow the counts that wants, we know the counts that perhaps he wasn’t chargeth in virginiperhaps macome back. Bob Mueller can finally get to thbottom of is case. I hope we out the rl H so we can prevent the kind meddlinge saw in 2016. The jud W right in . The judge said T reason these charges were brought to squeezeob Mueller a miss om Rudy giiani no see here. Nothing to do wite president. Con. Yhey believe here’s literallyhi se ry Giuliani would say in this situation. T put ago lot of stock in at. How worried are they? I don’t kno ‘re not going to tme. Tathe — You do a good job of reading thboe. Hithey’re buon down on. Something that really gets to th corf it. On the manort situation, it isactually aubstantiveto wear everweek so mu noiseabout Mueller. This one actually matters. He at the ce of it. Ifnyd the capaty L contacts with Putin’s inner circle, Paul manafort — He wachairman of the T He was. He was at the core meeting at trump tower with don Jr. And Jared. The one thing we’ve heard omhe president is more talk out the witch hunt. Exactly and it’s not surpring he woulgo back to the witch hunt. As governor said, I fascining thats been sent. Is ident of T united stat. E up. Et’s go ba to what the president tweeted about Mueller. I el badly for Paul fort S wonderful family. Justicook a 12-year-old tax case and applied tremendous on him and to Bak, make stories toet a Al such respect for a brave man. Governn any of why did heot pardon ul nafort before this?ticly impoible to do so. Wa d?nted to.heid tel me H wanted to. Do so. Ident is not a sd po for sur on repubcan side aisle. Trng to impehe Mueller instigation a red line for republs in the hse more importantly the united es senate. The president knew that was not poss. Bigger T that was rate a month ago. What he wrote was accu a Mont I accurate day? No. He flipped. Is he a B man? T be a brave man putting his family first. Does the president still have great respect F? I haven’t spoke to the president. I can’t speak for him. Manafort decide put his family F. Weeard tt fm Michael Cohen as well he did WHA he D. What the president wrote in the us on. Exactly what Bob Mueller did. He-year-old case that hen passed on by the justice rtment befe. He used it to squeeze Paul rt to get M to cooperated. Succeeded operation by the departmentally, Ron’t? No. What I dids a prosecor was whatever needed to T to the trh. The key moment was when rod Rosenstein appointed Bob muelr.e were lots of otheople he could have appointed. Lots of rll credie prosorld appoind. You what Bob el reputation is inside tustice department? I washere when he wa H of the FBI. He’siller. Jonathan, Sean hannity came out ones radio show said trump is likely to fire muel so, soon as the es Sean hannitow what heg about? He has the access to present to be Abo make I haven’t — you know, T likesouts S out there as — heows it out there likum. I don’t think he’s Serio he has conta withple in the Nate. He knows how T feel about this. That is D line. It would a rt in the senate. That the path ichment. It would be an act of self harm. Do I think hannis working perhaps maybe throwing F trump mit want himo throw out there, possibly. I want to switch to hurri MARIA and this prest brought himself uestioning death tol what’s fasnating to me, Tamara, is we have not heard from the president — we haven’t se him in puic since he first came out questionedeath toll the white house — I mean, what’soire? The prepical sort of trumpianle. He saysomething that has to be fact gets fact checked. Then he fights ba he digint’s where are now. He’s completely dug in on the numberith ll. Everyoneround him seto be saying thefoikent hurricane that is still going on, though tropical depr. Trumthat can’te Ed ough.the governor knows this. He’s obsessed with numbers. He always needs a score card for everything he does, whet that thing is, W tk Abou his obses with obamd on Georg bush ce thing he was talking about last year was bush andrina. Ths mind. He watches the coverage. It’slways a reew about. He sees everything through the prism of D it’s iblarate himself from the story. ,9e. Puerto ricans are still mour theidead. The most important thing aft the storm passes is the sponse. You know this governor. You werere rsthand. Yep. Peo need medical n.escriptiongs. They neefood, wateand I’m surprised at the death toll and it went U U cannot fd the deadnt yogo look fothth happened with Katrina. They went to door. For the president of the united statshow once ounce fothose stilurning the loss — I can’t the horrof like go through a hurricane, let alone when you’re looking for family only to find out they did thest even wored Abt that. What’s happening in north is me people llake it.eyl not survive that storm. Oun’s what he should be fo no on hipoll number. Not on Tes. Washington concludedre were 16,000 peoduring thaperiod thsed away. They found 2,975 died as a ree president respect that a rhe mourning ofothers. You know ‘scotionally iapable of doing what you just said. I pray R this predent every day of my life that he can feele all feel as Americans and S beinghis president that nobody underss. Why is he politicizing this? I rememb you side S Barack O cane sandy. There lots of lessoo be learned from that, and negative. I did what iught was rig as the leader of my state. Which I dnhink was extraordinary at all. A lot of Republicans didn’t like it. That’s the negative sid an for predent of the United States and I was in new Hampshire, than I heard mot the fictious obamaug than any other issue regarding T rid of tcs on this S What your job is is to prect the pele danger. Donna is right about this, I going to get wse not BETR in North Carolina an south Caroli keeping LE safe during the storm is the easier part. Get tho evacuatehe get them fnd clothednd hydred. It’s what happens when the water recede and all T Dama is there. Where are they going inew365,000 howere people after that? Hoickly can U rebuild?roy coopernd Henry Mcmaster eed Donald Trump in R to get it do. I needarack obamand I was T shy about ask reating himell when he desert .

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