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It’s great to have you with us on Thi Friday night. This time the story fmhe white house involving rod ren stein. E “New yortimes” report that at oneimee suggested cretly recng president trump, and rruiting cabinet members to remove him F ce the white houseng Rosen rosens’s words a reasoning for the firing. Behavior. So many questions, how was D howerious werehe suggests? Pierre ts, leadings off. Reporter: H two inrge at the J departmente man who Ted speciacounsel rort Mueller, and who oversees the Russia investigation. But tonight, “The New York Times” rep deputy atto rod Rosenstein was so alarmeat preside trump’s behavior, he once considered etly recorng him andven scussed whheould convince the cabinet to remove the esident fr office invoking T 25th amdment. As confirmed it happened in may of 2017, in the chaotic days after trump fired I directorames Comey. The white house initially said Comey was fired because inmo from ronstein, critichandling the into investigate And somebody like the dy attorneyeneral, rod rotein, who erybody across the board H unequivocally sathof upstanding character and essentially gold stdard at the department of justice. Orter: Buthent soon acknowledged that when he fired Comey, he had Russia O his mind. When I decided to just do it I sa know, this Russia thing with trump and Russia is a made-up story.” Eporter: Ithe oval office, the president allegedly bragged to Russian O relievedreat deal pressure.sources sait all lef in feeling burned, used by the white house and turned into a scapego it was then, we are told, he suggested jartment officials, inclu acting fb director andrecabe, Thate wear a wire toretly rico coersations wihe esident. Sources tell ABC news Mccabe keetailed mes station. And sources familiar with those memory rosenste also discussed whtohe bioke the 25th” reports that he believed attorney L ff sessionaneland security secretary John Kelly would back then. But Y none of THAs ev carried out. And that the presidentas never thstory “Inaurate,” tually incorrect” on Amous sources who a obviously biased against the departmenttheir own personal agenda.” He adds, “Based on my personal with the es there no basis nvoke the rosenste her attacksince the men he named rort muellerpecial counsel. The presidce tweeting ller is Mo conflicteof all, except Rosenstein.” Thushis question for months. Is the presg to fire rod rosenstei I don’t have any announcements at this time. The presidenvoiced somations, but beyond that I don’t have anything for general, remaining fiant. The department of justice is not gonn extorted. We’rgonna do wt’s required he rule of. And any kind of threats that any makes are not gonna affect the way we do our job.e a response there’s lot to here. Pierre, th deput genera se pushing this report? Reporter: Pushing bk O no THA Rosenstein seriously co the llegedly snaps at Mccabe, sayingha you want me to doar wire? Theysenstein was beings David? Thank you. An sn shift ione

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