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business, education,ndll things that can make cities habecca. We’re com back with then table.we’ll talk020. Mocrats have been favored for sometime to win control of the house. They’s nn indicate senate is in play. 538 says demts3 of taking over the see Donna, you’re with how difft this M E see map F Democrats. Does that sound right to you?y. Look, at the beginning of the cycle we thought the Republicans uld take 6seats inhe senate.ats are dog well in states that Donald ump won in 2016 jonchin I doielclair mccaill is Doi well. Ser Nelson is doing V they’re doing in the midwest and I think Democrats have the opporty to pick Neda Arizona. We’re confident, not ovident, butonfident. Th run the tables in the Governomick mulva the repuicans could lose in Texas. He said race, sometimes kability of a candidate matters. Likabilalways matrs Could Ted Cruz lose? No. Ted uz is not going tlose. By the way I don think you’ll or cire mccaskl idi heid is runninr her life. The Republicans are going to win ‘ll probab a few Seo the majority. The G to 53 or 54.they’re nogoing to lose in izona. N is a unie des. Heer the goverr for tw LE get to know their ve really have an invent in them. When you look at the senate, the 1-3 thing, 538 wassident Hillary Clinton. Not going Ron them too much itch Mcconnell sounded the alarm. Maybe he was playing the expectations or are Ty worr my sen is they’re worried. They are worried. May nrepublican here. My sense is Republicans are worried. They are worried. This comes back to the HT of the wave. It WOU take a tid wave to wipe O theatre. Out. Ey’re word, but Mitch mccoell has to raise money. He’s always beat that drum. You have T pt T. Resident tmpng too in and hold a rally fo Ted cruzhich is remarkable if and do it. That is unbelievable. An indicaonre is isn’t T only Pers onhein Texas. There are some house candidates who a lot mortr Ted Cruz. Having the president guld neitement. Theer thing Ty’ seeing in their focus group is Republican voters don’t believe it. They’re like fake news. Democratreoing to win the house, fake ne. Trp saying R wave, it’the worst nightmare. Because there’s no reason to go up vote.g to jack turnutn’t say red ve. You say blu ve. House if the president’s approvalbove43 our policy right W, his apoval rating is 36% Tis a referdum not just on prent trump, T democratnt to reste checks and balances.e president has given us issues every day whether it’s prescription drugs, pre-existit of our way. That’s why ivean MI, and all those other states, Ave areatchance. We have a minute left. Ianto G to song axios UT out about the saying T Democrats fall into twoess and the responsible restorationists. Docrats is not ovelicy. I think democrag for all, 5 minimum wage et paperedver all those differences. The re dis how crazy will trump mak. You ve avenatti saying we need 11 spreme our we ca pk itit Democrats. Elizabh Warren S5th amendment remove him from off it’s tactionna, are you with T ruthles or the th. Will have my own class. I’m withemocrats who want to restore ou Restorationist. Right. E out of Tim you can explain next week. Outed yours We’ll be right back. Hat’s all for us today.

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