Dr. Christine Blasey Ford agrees to publicly testify about alleged sexual assault Video

Transcript for Kavanaugh accuser to testify about alleged sexual assault

Sund. I’m Tom llamas. We B weakthrough ofegotiation dng to test in public about her aim thatudge brettav sely ass her years ago. Kavanaugh will also testify. David Wright has the story. Reporter: T judiciarmmittee’s T mome is now heduled for Thursday at 10:00 A.M. Dr. Christine pen sessio E Brett kavanaugh’mation to E U.S. Sup speaking publly for theirst Tim about her bombshell accusation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted R at a high ol party back in 1982. Allegations naugh categorically de. I do believe that she has not en treatedell duringhe course of this and they of them,ven my colleagues, feel uneasy with the way isn handled. Reporter: The back and forth negotins draggedut for days. Fo wanted Kavanaugh to testify first. And the commit queson other witnesses too. The committee refused, saying, “These are nonot Ford ibelieved to haamed at least tee otherwho she says were at the party. Ad already denied any memory of incident. Thiseekend, a ird told the committee she does not know Kavanaugh, and has no recollection of ever being at a part gatheringhere he present. But she told post” shbelieves F hat am I supposed to do? Go ahead and ruin this guy’s happened. I don’t knowre it happed D everyby named in reg I’m justng honest. Eporter: Fs lawyers have made it clear they believe publican senators who’ve been “Disf her story have T in their RDS, “Shoulder their responsibility to her questns simply outside but the Republican committee members, a oe, are clearly uncomfortable with that. Sof them havbe longnoemr anhill’s accusations of harassment against judgarence Thomas. Senator, I K that Thi ole affairs . I think isick, too. R: This weekenice Prence sought reassure ce activists at the values voters summit. I believe that judge B Kavanaugh will soon be justice Brett kavanaugh.a radio interview with ABC affiliate , the presensisted he’s keeping an open mind. I where to havher voice. Ler ice. Let her let him say what he has to say. D at the E, the senars llchoice. David, atrump tower tonight, and with the judgkavanaugh stimonies,he committee needs to set a date for the actual vote. Rorter: That’sright, they’veushed back the vote bere hearing from boides. But this is shaping up to be the most closely-watched senate ING in a geration. Theenators areot just concerned about getting this vote right. They’re alnghe vors in the M Tom? Anthe run-upthe M elections, Cruz

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