Emma Stone Falls Hard For Hurricane Puppy After Saying She Can’t Adopt It

Stone, the Oscar winner now starring on the Netflix sci-fi drama “Maniac,” had Hurricane Florence shelter pup Dwayne sleeping on her lap during her interview with host Stephen Colbert. The talk show was promoting rescue efforts for dogs stranded by the storm.

Stone said she could not adopt Dwayne because she already has a rescue dog that she often has to leave with her brother in California.

But Dwayne’s over-the-top cuteness and sweet slumber appeared to win her heart. Several minutes into their chat as she and Colbert petted the pooch, Stone hinted to Colbert that she wants the dog for her 30th birthday.

Watch the puppy love unfold, above. 

Below is Stone and Colbert’s comedy bit with several Hurricane Florence shelter dogs to promote their adoption:

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