Facebook introduces new virtual reality system Video

  • Now Playing: Hidden Facebook feature allows users to monitor time spent on Facebook

  • Now Playing: Lyft co-founder discusses future company IPO

  • Now Playing: Facebook introduces new virtual reality system

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  • Now Playing: Lyft wants to pay users to give up their car

  • Now Playing: Hackers are trying to reroute your direct deposits

  • Now Playing: Instagram CEO, co-founder abruptly resign

  • Now Playing: Forbes reports possible problem with Apple’s new phone operating system

  • Now Playing: Amazon’s Alexa helps parents with quiet mode

  • Now Playing: Apple iPhone Xs and Xs Max go on sale in few hours

  • Now Playing: 2 new Apple iPhones hit stores Friday

  • Now Playing: How to cash in on old devices as new Apple products hit the shelves

  • Now Playing: 3,000 Amazon Go stores may open by 2021

  • Now Playing: How do Facebook ads allow companies to discriminate?

  • Now Playing: Tesla under investigation for alleged fraud

  • Now Playing: SpaceX to take tourist on trip around moon

  • Now Playing: Reports of bribery emerge at Amazon

  • Now Playing: Apple unveils iPhone XS Max

  • Now Playing: Apple Watch introduced with FDA-approved heart rate features, fall detection

  • Now Playing: What to expect from Apple’s iPhone event

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