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Transcript for Google admits privacy mistakes

In today’s tech bytes Google will acknowledge today that it has made mistakes when it comes to privacy. An executive from the search engine will testify before congress saying the company has learned from its past mistakes and improved its privacy program. The written testimony offers no specifics on the mistakes. Tinder is testing any featuring India added gives women more control over conversations. They had the option called to mind move prevents men from starting the conversation on the dating app. Even if they’ve matched no word of tender will expand the feature. And Spotify is offering users a chance to create a truly unique play less. It’s teaming up with the ancestry web site and allowing members to put their DNA results Spotify than generates song selections based on users Stanley treat. They called a way to explore the soundtrack of your heritage. Interest and costs of those are tech bytes.

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{“id”:58091333,”title”:”Google admits privacy mistakes”,”duration”:”0:53″,”description”:”Plus, Tinder is testing a feature that only lets women start a conversation and Spotify now lets you create a playlist based on your DNA.”,”url”:”/Technology/video/google-admits-privacy-mistakes-58091333″,”section”:”Technology”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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