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Terry moranding us off tonight. Much attake for T co for E amerin people and for both parties, andhat will handful of key senors now do? Three Democrats up electioed states, states that presidt trump Heidi itkamp, Jo Donnelly, Joe Manchin. Will they srt Kavanaugh? And two republicanwomen, Lisa murkowski and susancolls.collins wa followed through the airport by po and so many were ped today, WHE do they stand on the anwhatd happen Mary Bruce on the hill, tot.orter: For 24 S, the pressure has beenlding on Republican senators like Susan Collins. All eyes on hhe arrived backn Washington, saying S had the by bre Kavanaugh’s accuser. I dead the letter last week and asked the judge in a telephone conversation monday ou and he was very emphatic and – in H nial. Orter: Today, Collins became the first rubo call for Kavanaugh and Christine both St oath before T judiciary mmittee.” Later, Collins swarmed by re is the allegation disqualifyin adjudicate something that’s Almos yearsold? Well, that’s why it’s import thatre beery Thor interview and THA we see both individls respond E allegation there a an awful of has lied about what ppened, that would be disquafying. Reporte Collins and blican C Lisa murkowski of Alaska will be crtes. Numr of Democrats ING for rel statesresident T a Al undernormouspressure. Day, one of them,en Heidi Heitkamp oth Dakota tweeng, “Weo respectessor fd by listen to her and hearing herstory.” GHT, Ang number of Republicans W Hom R, too. To not a least hearhe on out befe it’s voted out ofttry probma Mary B Jes ago, that news of Aring now, eannd T accuser and T America will you spoke with today facin rl pressure N fromnts on B sidesatching th very cell Reporter: David,ressure is tremnow we’ve lrntoth Kavanaugh and Ford, the ACC and the accused, will both appearore T seen E same day, one right aft an tonight, the Republican chairman has done Dees to D. Davi mary,n a perso no Mary is a new momndt is great T have you back, not a oo soon, M Rorter: Thank you. Going tonow to other

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