How will delayed Kavanaugh vote impact the midterm elections? Video

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repeedly denies a allegations against him. Long-term future of the supreme court T also thenear-tm American politics.thelections St 5 1/2 weeks away so let’s brinin ABC news political commentator cokie Ros and ABC ws chief politicaanalyst maw dowd. Ng to bothf you. Co let me stt with you so much anger in both parties thorning. Mean that E bases on both sides are to B energize going into the midterms Theemocratic se is already energized. Present trump helps dot every day, but the Republican base, I think, it depend what happens next, whether Kavanaugh getsfirmed or T bu yep in ysmore aboutndependenc and ey don’t LE judge kana Matt, how is all the in washin likely tpl Asad to the terms? A lot has been talked about a big bluee or tsuna and makeme think as I listened to the earlier weather reporthat we could mix the weather a political nversation and it would actually go really well. K both sides are very . Yoke a look at the polling that the dre venthusiasti I thk ICANs are enthusiastic. I a lot depends on occurs over the next week or so. We’re less than 40 days before election day butucends er what haens over next Let me ask about the health of our democracy. S pretty moments in these last few days. So if the FBI comes back and clearsaugh and then the sat him, will that be enough to calm the waters and allow the supreme court Ghere with too much retional dame and retaining the trust of the American people? Co what’s Yo thought? I think it will be very tough because judge Kavanaugh’s testy before the was so know, just he was before the senate said, I am the umpir call the lls and stri judge Kavanaugh got in the game and that’sng to be aery view on the supreme cot, and I tnk it makeit harderhave trust Matt, what’s your V is the supreou he? I think the S court over timoverourse of T last 15 years has en tainted and poticized ins. I thk this hade it words I think the body of itutions in our country is riddleth knife wounds and bullet wounds and I think this was a good moment WHE it put a ndage on it. Somebody gave the patient an aspirin so I BETT abetter butt’s to take a lo recover. Cok math We’ve had weather — sorry, go ead, cokie. We’ had weather and we’ve had –E’ve hadther and sickness from Matt this morning but ports so is a fferent min Not. Paula, we’re goio miss you. Oh. We’re going to miss you on these status. Paula, we you. Are Y being serious or sarcastic? No, we’lls you. We’re totally seriously. Cokie, I believe you. It wasatt that I was question the sincitlo you both. I’ll see you gs during T though, may through friday.kay.

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