Jim Gaffigan Is Sick To Death Of Your Ridiculously Fancy Beers

“Prague! But even better was taking a beer bath with unlimited beer from two taps while you soaked. I’m not a huge beer drinker, but after that, things changed.”

Brenda Burns; Long Beach, California //

<a href=”http://www.trippy.com/question/In-which-country–city-or-state-have-you-drank-the-best-beer?utm_source=HuffPost&utm_medium=HuffPostDetailPageBeer7_28&utm_campaign=HuffPostDetailPageBeer&kme=HuffPostDetailPageBeer”>Click here </a> to see more of the world’s best <a href=”http://www.trippy.com/question/In-which-country–city-or-state-have-you-drank-the-best-beer?utm_source=HuffPost&utm_medium=HuffPostDetailPageBeer7_28&utm_campaign=HuffPostDetailPageBeer&kme=HuffPostDetailPageBeer”>places for beer snobs </a> or weigh in with your thoughts about where to find the best brews!

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