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She seemed to enjoy it a lot. We begin with the supreme court showdownthent’s nominee,tt kavaugh, and H accuser, bot invited to testify on monday.everythingn the line for kavanauga T for president trump. Terrran starts off from the sure good rning,terry. Reporter: Good morning, up to be onee most dramaticom shington hearing room in decades. Rett va his chrisne blasey forded toteify. Judge kavana has accepte invitation. They’reting to hear formally from braise yford. This will come credibilycontt. Supreme T judge Brett Kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault decadego been called to testpuor lawmakers next Mo. Delaying a key V on kavah. He’ of the great inects and one of the finestpeople THA Ady has known. Reporter:eo uncharacteically called patience. They’ll go through arocessear everybody out. Think it’s portant. If it takes a little delay,t take a liledelay. Reporte one Republican we not . To tell her story.ladhe’s G able to. Repor kavanaugs accuser, Christine blaseyford, en here in the yearbook pto told “Theington post” Kavanaugh pinned her to bed and group her. When she tried to yell, he clapped his hand over mouth to silce her. He was trying to take me removey clothing, she says. Ng, thought he might vertently kill he’sategorical denied the gags. She allegeshe assault happened when attend Georgetown prepatory scol. School. Al of Kavanaugh released statemen from former giiends.m Maura Fitzgerald said has gentleman, I ucr him comptely.this morning, a number O wfromholton-arms supportla Ford. Heperiences too consistent with series reherd and lived whilettending holt yon. Actress Julia louis-dreyfus Ng, I was class of a sign the letter. Believe blasey Ford. I just want today to her, to Dr. Ford, that wee your back. And, think that’s much the holton-as order: Blay Ford H told friends she’s been trying orget Thi incident her whole , according a story in theocal newspa she’s attacksn her credibility. The neper sayshe inspired to come forward thissummer by a the women whoave the M too movent.nk you, Terry. Let’bring in Dan Abram and sunnstin. As we said, Dr. Blasey Ford has not yet T testify formally. You have toave an FBI exation befo a public Hearin say the democrats.tportant? They want the FBI to follow S. Th want to talk to ses. Eta. The FBI is not crime here. The FBI doing backgroundcheck. What the Democrats wants THA investigate to continue and, the issue’s going to be, does thatnvestigation mov forward? Do they spend lot mor on or does it become action of watching him testify a and potentially her. No ce? She has no shhas tote think it’s very important THA the background check as federal. I was looking a athree-year appointment. Thiss a lifime appointment. If fbient T my former hbnd sbrirdy hadn’t lived T since I was 16 years d,george.is to continue. Checks Severa timend this never C S, but this is also different. Is is T. This ie appoi to the supreme courr matters. And ts woman’sthink,coming Emely important. To tho people I keep hearing saying this happen school. States all across the county, for S assault, weo cminalize 16-year-olds. You can go T son F If this hearing hn moey’re both out there. They both the story T the be third of proorkavanaugh? Sunny right. The notion that you cdis this. Whhe standarng to be is, today, they bieve he’s telling the trp the one upor T appointment. The onesed. And he’s going to be the one ocusing O in terms of his credibility. Dohey believe he’s telling the tr D,, unlike in a iare you told, do not read INGs. Do not let people affectour opinion. , Public opinion is goi toenormously. As to whether they believe him and do believe her? – If they both testify toote for Kavanaugh, you have, to at some level, be saying tling the truth. You mt disbelieve her. Exactly. Think she’s very much on trial I haveinterviewe hundreds of ime victs. Especiallyms of sexual assault. Thisfhe most difficult things they can this on woman is not doing it inurt of law. She’s doing on it the wor stage. For her to come forward and put her Credi I think on the line extremely significant considering T we’re in the me tooovement right now. Sounldse the defense her is going to be, maybe she ts at pp right? Maybe she believe this happened. Could Hase of mistaken identity?ulere will other ations? The T is exactly what happened 35ears ag E happen? What was the D ecetera, becomes less important today, think, THA simply do they think that jge kavanau is telling Sous like ts will be a huge gut check for the senate and the count Absolutely.it. He GOP side,ou have men. Intervieng this ma think that is an optictthe GOP to be very careful about. We’ll see. Thank yoboth. Resident trump is issuing an order to classify

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