Kavanaugh’s Calendar Portrays Party-Filled Summer for Supreme Court Nominee

The calendar pages are full of social appointments, academic requirements, lots of trips to the beach and more mundane college visits and doctors appointments.

“BEACH WEEK” he wrote in early June.

“Go to Rehoboth w/Sam, Tom, Mark and Donny,” reads another.

There are multiple parties, multiple sporting events, and a couple of nights where Mr. Kavanaugh notes that he was grounded. At others, he travels to visit his grandmother in Connecticut and to spend the weekend with his parents in New York. He also appears to have spent considerable time at Washington-area country clubs, including the one where Dr. Blasey said a small group of teens congregated on the evening that she was assaulted.

Many of those notations are not unusual for a teenage boy, but Judge Kavanaugh, in his self-defense, has taken a stand that has been uncompromising in his portrayal of his teenage years as an innocent, sports-obsessed student.

Dr. Blasey has said that she did not tell anyone about the assault at the time out of fear that she might get in trouble. But the affidavits, all signed this week, suggest that Dr. Blasey had told some of the people closest to her, including her husband, about the episode at various points in recent years.

Russell Ford, Dr. Blasey’s husband, said that his wife shared the details of the assault in a 2012 couple’s therapy session.

“She said that she had been trapped in a room and physically restrained by one boy who was molesting her while the other boy watched,” he said.

The details are consistent with the account that Dr. Blasey shared with a Democratic senators this summer and The Washington Post earlier this month. Mr. Ford said that his wife mentioned Judge Kavanaugh’s name again in 2017, when Mr. Trump announced Justice Neil M. Gorsuch would be his nominee for the court.

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