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??? Liberty. Liberty. Liberty. Liberty ??? [ rs applause Hey, wcos are callg Oscar winner Michael Moore’s L movie “Faheis most powerful fm yet. Ease welco BAC the fabulous and really smart Michael Moore. ‘T know AUT T smart part but I did go toatholic school. The movie iphenomenal. Yeah. Th you’relly good at pointing out Thi wd to know so let’s tk a little B about something that’s been in th topics. On Wednesday sator Dianne feinsteinent federal inveigators a letter about sum nominee Brett Kavanaugh ading to “The new rk times” concerninossible sexual misconduct that he allegedly a hig school student. Now, she ended up sending this to what it was, and so she sent it to FBI instead.should H B — shouldple kn about thiif it turns out to be correct? I think anybody that’s going en T supreme court has to be a complete book and you have to knoweverytng. D you can make the case fo well, he C say I was young wasn’t adult yet or whatever, butnk that we live I an era now where ts ke we would rather tr T not transparency. Wrong withnf or ask quesons or investigating, and he can make his own em ink the even larger ISS isathearin, ppl N to understand THA this not about Brett Kavanaugh or supre court. This I ultim whether or not women will still have a R T choose, whetherot aertain political group, minority by the way this country,ho believehat have some sort O proprietary owr ovaries. And if you believethat,f you believe well, go for it T into tl you the majority O Americans don’t believe that and, um — [ applauseou watch if Y’v seen that documtary, Ruther ginsburbg, back then, they keuestion and had to because the rht to know, well, W –here do you S on this. It D- you can’tust away with, well, it’ hypoetical or — it’s lifetime appointment. It’ L appointm E fact that trump, assuming H make Ito 2020 and a second term and you have to operate with T uerstanding that he could be atwo-rm trump. Peoplen’tbush W., would G second term and he got one. If tru is yourdent until January th of 2025, do the in you head, how oldil you be in 2025. That’s how long Donald Trump is going to be yourpresident. Will have Ano two or even three supreme court appotments that arossible. THAs why forme president Barack oba said elections have consequencesecause if youhen cosident you get to makeisions you predicd — Unless somebody blocks you. Well and that’s why T politics voting for senate and congress are really important too. But Y one of E only es who were saying Tak this guy seriously, take Donald Trump seriously. Not literally, serisly. Take him seriously, this is actuallyomeone whoould win. You have a lot of trumpolks that are angry right nowseere’s a narrave with the Woodward bk and mosrecently “The N York Times” op-ed telling a theory O white house. Do you have a theory of who you inkiter? It could be Russian ambassador our ambassador to Russia could have wrten it mean my dad? I’m just teas E actuallat friends my grandpa who passed ay earlier this year. And yr father is — the repubns W really republicany back ins of the Republican party that’s now been It’s not the Republican party, it’s them Y. I trump party, right. Evenohn Boehner said that publican partydead. Party,start callit what it is. Yes, iid try W people that — but I livn so I saw what was going onnd I saw that a lot O people W didn N like tru want to use him as their ll to -all to have cocktail to blow asystem. Remember, in the primary they voted for Bernie ove llary. There were indicaons thathere were discontent and someing different and itas – T got it. You thinkernield have been trump? Because they were similar I many ways I psonally think he would ell Y something that — there’s a poll that they’re going toease inthe democrs pol ask if the election in0 was Ben Bernie andrump. Dend, west vginia, one state for trump, 68%of thevote. If the election in 2020 was betwn Bernie and trump how would youvote, 48% Bernie 46% intrump’ biggest state. Wow. But if T and I sing they will just put up another sameld Sam ol tid, union let’s not too far, let’s just have half health care So W your choice? Who do you think would beat P? T honest ar to that is I don’t even to get2020 as a democracy. I doknow — lly? Did you see the pl Wait until you his movie. You’ll killyourself. Don’t do that. This M islike, oh, my god, this country. ‘M just gng to say, you know she’s kidding. Of cour’s an expression. It is a ex There’s free popcorn and obers.

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