Newer hormonal birth control linked to lower ovarian cancer risk: Study Video

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U, Lara as always. N “Gma” cer story. That new study sparking lot coersation AUT birth control and cancer. According searchers, it can help lower your risk of ovarian cancer by almost75%n som ar. Jen Ashton is here to talbout th so — Good morning, robin. Goorning. Hugeewsorwomen’ heat and for the doctors who take re women. Thisas a big stud Al million wen done in denmarkollowed won for 2 years on all different types of hormonal con Virginia interc even the new we associated sk ofrian cancer which we know G Dow when W take the pill but these nbe pret impressive. For anyone wr usedrmonal caceptionowk by 34%. On the pill ten or more yes, dropped that risk by74%. So,n, for women nepregnant, for women who are relatiohips wit other women and say, well, I N’t need the option, this ismorevention for F cancer wdo screening for. . It is, but I couldave sworn that I rber taking about the pillases the chs of breast cancer. You and iovered that. It cam out O the same dh gistry. Ths a perctxaf you cannot make this decision a when Y talk about risk O cancer, breast versus arian, you ha tt relative risk. Those were the N shod and is T absolute risk for you. Is there a screg. Ave a screeninges for breast cancer. We do notave a set ovarian cancer and this is a decision that has T be made by that individual woman. Yo’t at a bodypart you have to treat the whole person. Youunderstand that bottom line — T are a couplbers women need to know Abou lifetimerisk, lifetime Rick of ear ase heard I one in eight, meisk O ovarian cancer is 1 I 70. We can’tcreen ovarian ca we can for breast car. Other things are pro th. Ovariancer you have been pregnant and had ll-term women need T make their gynecologists, it depds O theirges a Perl risk andone size fits L. So many factorsinvoedly. Thanks for breaking that Lara. So weurn to O buy better series ands morning we’ll ou find T perfect

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