Padma Lakshmi Re-Wore A Gown To The 2018 Emmys For A Powerful Reason

Padma Lakshmi looked stunning at the 2018 Emmy Awards in a jaw-dropping red gown from J. Mendel. To some, the dress may have looked familiar. 

The “Top Chef” host previously wore the gown to the Vogue India Women of the Year Awards last year, but choose to wear the look again Monday night for an important reason. 

“I’m excited to wear this beautiful J. Mendel dress again,” the 48-year-old told People. “I think in this day and age we should stop sending the message to young women and girls that we all have these endless closets of clothes we never wear more than once, especially on a red carpet.” 

She added, “The hours that it takes, the artisans’ labor and the gorgeous fabrics all deserve to be worn again and treasured. It seems wasteful not to enjoy these dresses.” 


Padma Lakshmi in the J. Mendel gown she wore at the Vogue India Women of the Year Awards and again at the 2018 Emmy Awards.

Perhaps it’s the Haddish effect

Tiffany Haddish previously made headlines for re-wearing a $4,000 Alexander McQueen dress four times.

She wore it at the “Girls Trip” premiere, when she hosted “Saturday Night Live,” during an appearance at the 2018 Academy Awards and again when she hosted the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards. 

“A lot of people have been like, ‘I love the dress. I love what you’re doing.’ And I’ve seen some people in the same outfit twice since then,” the actress and comedian said in an interview with Glamour magazine. 

“I know this girl that goes to a private school — she’s not rich, she’s going on a scholarship — and kids make fun of her if she’s wearing the same jacket after three days,” Haddish said. 

“When she saw me [in the McQueen dress], she hit me up. She said it made her feel so good to see that I was wearing the same dress, when people make fun of her and are like, ‘Girl, you’ve got the same jacket on!’ She’s like: ‘I’m Tiffany Haddish today!’”

Tiffany Haddish at the “Girls Trip” in July 2017 (L), hosting “Saturday Night Live” in Nov. 2017 (M)


Tiffany Haddish at the “Girls Trip” in July 2017 (L), hosting “Saturday Night Live” in Nov. 2017 (M) and at the Oscars in March 2018 (R). 

Previously, Haddish’s style team couldn’t understand why she would even want to wear the dress for a second time. 

“My whole team, they told me, ‘Tiffany, you cannot wear that dress on “SNL.” It’s taboo to wear it twice,’” she explained. “And I said, ‘I don’t give a dang about no taboo. I spent a lot of money on this dress. This cost way more than my mortgage.’”

She added, “I feel like I should be able to wear what I want, when I want, however many times I want, as long as I Febreze it.”  

More of this on all red carpets, please. 

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