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There is anotherajor development on is. Judge Kavanaugh and his first ser, Dr. Christine blasey ford,ill sit the judiciy committee Thursday morning, taking tons, bot of them. All of the Republicans on theemen. And ere I wordonight that they’ve now hired a wo attorn, to ask T questions for .D had argued those sena should have to ask her the quens themlv. And ABC’s Mary Bruce up on T hill othat. Reporter: As reican leads rally nd Jue H, one key Republican sena Lisa murkowski, is sending herwn party a clear message. It’s important take tons of Tse who have come forwartake them seriously. Reporter: Murkowski says she ndlling “The new York Times”, “Itot about whether or not judgeaugh is quaed. It is our not a has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed.” But even before they hear word of tim E blasey fo,it’s ear many top Republicans have already made up their minds. I’m confident we’re going to win. Confirmed in vfuture. Reporter: Today, Republicans on the judicia Hom are me a the hired anutside counsel, wan, to question Ford and judge Kavanaugh on thsday.t have anythto do with ct that althe Republicans on the men? Not for me, but I can’t speak for my other colleag buam a man, at’s a fac Reporter:emocrats are skeptical. Clehey didn’t W ask the questions directly. Reporter: Republican Bob rker says GOP senators on the committee need to protect themselves from selves. Ihink it’s reallyrt of them to geoutside sel. Ody will do something that you guysill run24/7 an Yo inadvertently somebody will do something that’s insensite. Much debate on Thi on des. Maruce liverom theght. So, Mary, just to clari republics have that male attorney to ask questions on theirbelf. T just O Dr. Ford, but of judg kana a well, and this is so the have tk ons themselves? Reporter: Yeah, David. Th protor will be ldi the charge for T estioning the Republican side, though tells they still jump in from time to time.e still don’t know who this attory entity is being protected toght for her own security. Now, on the democ de, those senators will still il D? Ll right, Mary Bruce, I’ll see Yo up O the hill for the hearing. Stayit abcewsive coverage of theatejudiciary committee hearing. I’ll be joiningeo and our team,day beginning 10:00.mhte abc. Next tonight, toer understorm and possible

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