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week with here. And we binith THA interview just com I embattled supreme court nominee Brett kanaugh, fighting to save his name. Wi H wife by his side, Kavanah ING his integrity tonight, dng cusationsf usual conduct. S explation tonight, why he says nothing happen. And coms a second woman has now C Foard, forme Yale classmate Debra rarez, wh tells “T new yorkhat vanaughos himself, describien S tir freshman year. And all of as vanaugh a hisir accuser,dr. Christe blay Ford, will now testify before the senate judiciar committee before the American people on Thursday. Terry Moran has covered supreme court for years for us, judge kavangh sa just a short time ago. Rr: With his wife B, an emotional E Brett kanaugh speaking today to news, defded himself from allegations of sexual misconduct an woult bow out. I’m not going to let false accusations drive us out of this process. And E looking R a fair proceswhbe heard a de my in my life-lg record. My life-long record of dignity and equality for men, startingith theomen who kne me when I was 14 years old. M not goinan Reporter: And he inisted — Ie never sexually assaulted anyo.d not have sexual inteourse orthing close T ereafter throughse years T are in question,ou virg? That’ correct. Reporter: N reeling from a sec accusn of sexual misconduct in his youth. It comes from Deborah Raz, a er classmate ovanaugh’s univerty, who spoke to reportronan farrow and Jane M of “The new yor mazine. Rarez says she and Kavanaugh room. She says she became intoxicated ledges gaps in her memory. But she says she does recall being on T floor, slurring her words, when a male student exposed hiel her face. She shoved him away, in the process, Tim without her consent. Shys she rembers him pulling up his pants. And she tothe new yoer that afterwards, she heard a male sdent yell wn hay what had just happened using R Brett Kavanaugh’s. “It was his N says. “I don’t think it was just ‘Brett.'” “The new Yorker” acknowledges it could locate no witnees uld put kanaugh at the party. And that Ramirez at first was nowas Kavanah who posed himsf. T the magaznotes, “Afr sisessing es and conlting with R Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollecs to say that she members itas kavanau.” Repoer Jane Mayer sts erboration for Ramis story. We found somebody who remembers in that night or the next day. Unlike the people at the party, he was very so and remas a very distinguished person he’s background. And I asked him myself, “Are you sure this was brkavanaugh that you heard out?”said, “I am 100% sure.” Reporter: It all comes as judge Cavanaugh and Dr. Che blasey Ford prepe on Capito hill. Dr. Ford says Kavanaugh sexually assaulteher in higschool. I am not questioning and ha not tioned thaperhaps by soe in some place. But what now is I’veever sexually assaulted anyone. Repter: Presint standinghis nominee M with judge kaugh. And I look forward to a and for opcome out of the woodwork from 36 years ago and years ago and never mention it and allhe sudden it happens, in my opinion, it’s totally poll. It is to Going to be a big week I Washington. Rry Moran vepreme court tonight. And judge kavanaughr. Ford the them. Andwill go fit? Repor that’s GHT, David. She will go first,ollowed byrett Kavanaugh. She had wanted T cwi a man she says was an eyewitne, a polygraphexpert.publicansaid no. It will je she said/h said. Terry Moran at court toght.heshowdown now set F

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