Six Siblings of a Republican Congressman Endorse His Opponent in Campaign Ads

He said a staff member on Dr. Brill’s campaign called him and delved deeper into the familial rift, and then asked the siblings to be in the campaign videos. Dr. Brill said the effort was “collaborative.”

“This is the Gosar siblings coming forward for the good of our country,” he said.

The Brill campaign said the siblings were not paid.

Paul Gosar is known as an immigration hard-liner. Earlier this year, he called for the authorities to check the immigration status of those attending the State of the Union address, and arresting and deporting “any illegal aliens attempting to go through security.”

Seven brothers and sisters had previously written a letter to a local Arizona newspaper, The Kingman Daily Miner, condemning their brother’s suggestion in a Vice News interview in October that the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., was backed by George Soros, the billionaire who is a donor to liberal causes.

“It kept building and building,” David Gosar said. “He’d just keep getting nuttier and nuttier.”

It wasn’t always that way. He said the 10 siblings were tight-knit growing up in a small town in Wyoming, playing sports or cards.

“It was absolutely a blast,” he said.

As the siblings moved to different parts of the country and started families of their own, they met less frequently but still talked on the phone, he added. Then Paul Gosar, the eldest sibling, started gearing up to run for Congress in 2010, and said that he believed, incorrectly, that President Obama was born outside the country.

That was the last time the two of them spoke, David Gosar said. Attempts to reach the other Gosar siblings were unsuccessful on Saturday.

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