‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour Officiates Fan’s Wedding

“Stranger Things” star David Harbour turned a fan’s wedding upside down — in a good way.

The actor, who plays police chief Jim Hopper in the Netflix series, agreed in January to officiate the wedding of Ericka Millholland after her request was retweeted over 125,000 times. 

We’re happy to report that Harbour made good on his promise. He went to Springfield, Illinois, to marry Millholland and her husband DJ on Saturday ― in full Hopper garb, no less:

Here’s another shot of the happy couple and Chief Hopper:

Millholland told HuffPost the actor really brought his A-game to the ceremony. 

“He did such an amazing job. We loved that he brought humor into it,” she said. “He had to catch a flight back home for after the ceremony, but he was sweet enough to stick around for pictures and to chat for a little bit!”

Harbour read from C.S. Lewis and brought jokes.

Here’s Harbour signing the marriage license: 

Wedding photographer Jill Gum was impressed by the little inside jokes the actor tossed in about the couple, as well as his heartfelt selection for the reading.

“He asked to choose his own reading as a part of the bet and chose a beautiful and classic reading from C.S. Lewis, which I thought was really special,” she said. “The ceremony was a perfect mix of humor, charm and sweetness with him as officiant.” 


Harbour has a Bill Murray-like knack for coming through for fans. In January, the Emmy-nominated actor honored a request from California student Damaris Fregoso to pose with her in yearbook photos:

“Well this is certainly something I didn’t think would actually happen!” the teen wrote in a subsequent Instagram post. “David is such a sweet dude!”

That Hopper, what a guy.

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