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des ago. Judge Brett Kavanaugh back at the whiouse today after Abt nine hours Tay hind C doors. Esident tmp sayintoday, “I feel so badly for Kavanaugh.” The president saying “H doesn deserve this.” But the presideid say both sidehould be heard. Kavanaugh denyin accused , he sayshe’s ready to testify. But far T, accuser,ford seen here in a yearbook ph has notet agreed to testify puic Republicans have set a hearing for nexton in Fron of the American people. Demowa tbi to investigate the allegations and the presidt was quick to respond to THA Toda here’s a chief white house correspondnathan Karl leading us off. Reporter: Tonight, Christine blasey Ford won’ whether will appeaon capitol Monday toestify Abt her allega that suprconominee Brett Kavanaugh onceedt her. And president trump is now concern about the peon Kavanaugh andfamily. Badly for him that he’s going through this, to be with you. I feelbadly for M. Th is not a N that dirt deserved this. Eporter: T president did Rd’s nam nor didexpr a concerns about her or her sus LE but he has shown uncharacteristic restraint. He hasn’t id who he lieves, both deserve to be heard. We should go through a pr Beuse there ouldn’t ev be there shouldn’t be a doubt. Hopey, the wom will come forward, S case. He will state his case before representatives of the United States sat and then they will V she had to say from 36 years ago. And we will seat happens Reporter: Dr. Ford is now a psycgy profess in lifornia. This is what she looked like in her highoook in the early 80s, around the time, she says, a”s drunk” Kavanaugh pinned her to aet a party, groping her and try take her clothes off. Whenhe to scream, she told “The Washington post,” “He put his out. Thought he M inadvertely kill me.” She sa friend of kavanaugs, markjudge, was also in E room. But in atement tonight to the senaudiciary committee, judge says, “I have no memory of this alleged incid frnds in hh school.but I do N party. More to the point, I never saw Brett act describes.” Dge Kavanah emphaticly denies the allegations. Today,eras caugha E of him leaving his Maryland home for white housfothe se day in a W. Huddled treh his M. Alleg sa the president could order an updated backgrou check, but to hhe FBI doe’t wantconduct on I don’t think the FBI really shout be involved, because they don’t want to be involve they wanted to be, I would certainly do that. But as you this is not ly their tng. With use tight at the wn, W studiedhe words there, that answer, president ummply at it really up to the FBI whether to reopen judge Kavanah’s background K, , what is the FBI saying tonight, if anything at all? R: Well, we asked the fbbout what the present said, they have no comment O this. But David, backgroundhecks are conducted at the request of the whhouse. One was done on kavaugh. If the president wanted it reoped to look at these new allegatis, he could orderhat done ande has not dso. Lng tonight. Jon, thank you. Know, Jon, T stakes are enormous here, for the

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