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all righ time for E “Weekend download.” And asummer tan starts to fade, as rob keeps reminng us, are inevitably going tart thinkg her ways wn eel unger.spoke to M frietrauss zelck, author of “Ng agelesse four to looking and feeling younr than ever. Nictohere. Before we ask you questions I want to show everybo piur not only ah-powered CEO ruing one of the biggest video game companies on Earth but you also ae 61, you look like thihich is rice and awome. Your books about the four pilrs to beco ageless. We might come close to the way you losome of us one, which is food. What do you eat order to lohat? W don’t really beli in diets. I do belien trha healthy apch to eat that doe you take in too many calorieo lines foods that you can eat an unlimited amount of which is protein, vegles and a certaiamount of uit. Thetut of me. Sort of the front. Thble and th tle of table this would sort eat in a very small amount when you’re cheating or you want to make yourself feel goo don’t deourself this mighbe a cupcake or a potato chip he and the I candefense somebody whoas T with you,ou do Eagar once I WHE. Other compent cleay you do ts he picture,, and I think some movement in everyone’s life is a big part of beyour best D ING your best.u don’t haveut 12 times a week. What I encourage you start gel, move ait walk two or thes a week sht-bearing cise over time. Exercise THR T fi times you’reoing to syn really good S pretty much forever. Third pillar, health. We shouldn’t have tell people this but messag S E doctor oe in a WHE. Rht. You have thave an anal eckup. You need to go to the dentist, preferably twice a year and you need to what the doctors. Creenings can catch illnesses early anep you G real proems over me. And real ick, the forth llar, this one I didn’t see Ng. What is it? Rt. I know F ymeditation. For other ople it’s practicing a religi for me it’s mornprayer andng a tribef pet I connect with and exercise with.ok is led coming ages.” Really holistic approach health an

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