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but firs the other breaking story as we C one air tonight, theations involving supreme court Brett Kavanaugh. S ready T T andaugh says H will stify, too, both in front of acan people. That hearing now setor a week from today.e commit S to vote, his nomination thrown into. She says Kavanaugh sexuallyhen were high school some 35 years ag this is an image of her from that time. She sa a one point she was afra hld inadvertently kill her. Naugh alledlyinge was not at the party in Quon. D what the president is nowng tonight. Terry ran,ho covered the security forleading us Rorter: Tod, supreme cot nominee in peril, president trump backed ett Kavanah to the hilt. His one of E great llects and one of the finest peophat anybodha Rorr: And thesident, risticallyling for ce and process to resolve ir questions. I’d like to see a complete ocess. I’d like ebody to beery pp most importantly, I want the ameople to be happy, and I think to do that, O if ikes a Litt delay, itwill take a Reptegh’s R, christilasey Ford a psychogy profeor in lifornia. This is what she looked like herigh school yeok in the early arounhee S says she was assaulted. In a July letter to senator Dianne feinstn and in an interview claims,ere kwl stumbling drunk” at a party andorced herinto a bedroom. Shleges “He watrying to tack me and remove mclothing,” she says. “I thohte might intly kill me.” And she told “The post,” when E tried tocream, he put his hand over her mouth to muffle denial — his is a false allegation. I have never anythingik what the accusescribes, nelh Republican senator orrin hatch, he went her. What diheo you? Well, hdidn’t do at, and he wasn’t at the P. So, yoow, clear someboter: In his confirmanaugh was kes high school years. A softll questthat now seems weirdly on point. You ever get I trouble? Were you more of a John B Walton type pe? Loved spos. First anforemost, th I work hard in school. I had a lot of friends. I’ve talked a lot T friends Aney’ve beenere, so it was very formative. And when I T back on I– Left out E double part. I wawaiting fit Right,so thasencoassed under the ends, I tnk Reporter: Now, Christina tz sayr client I ready to testify. She’s willing to coope. What shot willing do is to be part of this bloodletting thatappens in shington. Terry Moran wit use tonight from the white house. Terr judge kavan said he’se tod. And thisriith the accuse well, will be next ? That’ right, David. Next Monday, the accuser, Christine blasey Ford, and judge Kavanah. The W house issd a statement at the end of the day, where sai H is ready to nd his nam andtestify. David? Terry moranding us off tonight. Much attake for T co for

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