Trump backs two-state solution for Israeli-Palestinian conflict Video

  • Now Playing: Trump backs two-state solution for Israeli-Palestinian conflict

  • Now Playing: Trump’s UN speech met with laughter

  • Now Playing: ‘They do not want me or us to win’: Trump slams China for attempted election meddling

  • Now Playing: Trump calls Kavanaugh ‘an absolute gem’

  • Now Playing: Trump accuses Democrats of ‘con game’

  • Now Playing: What to watch for upcoming Kavanaugh, Ford hearings

  • Now Playing: Kavanaugh accuser’s attorney responds to Trump’s attacks

  • Now Playing: Trump directly targets 2nd Kavanaugh accuser

  • Now Playing: President gets laughed at when delivering speech to UN

  • Now Playing: Republican Senator wants GOP to ‘take them serious’ on Kavanaugh allegations

  • Now Playing: The Briefing Room: President Trump gets laughed at while speaking at the UN

  • Now Playing: Lisa Murkowski open to FBI investigation into Kavanaugh allegations

  • Now Playing: Democrats are playing a ‘con game’: Trump

  • Now Playing: Protesters disrupt Sen. Cruz’s dinner

  • Now Playing: Trump slams OPEC nations for ‘ripping off the rest of the world’

  • Now Playing: President Trump’s full address to the UN

  • Now Playing: Trump greeted with laughter while touting his administration’s accomplishments at UN

  • Now Playing: Trump answers questions on Iran, North Korea, Rosenstein, Venezuela

  • Now Playing: Deputy AG Rosenstein and Trump to meet Thursday

  • Now Playing: Brett Kavanaugh and his wife fire back in TV interview

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