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after the end ofhin hosting that show for 18 Y thathows the yogurt so many of us eoy R breakfast may not be as healthy as we thanks to all THA Suga drhton is here to break our arts. How a you dog, doc? Listen, don’t shoot the messenger. But, you know, iught yort was good for you. It was hlto what’s behind this? It can banave Greek yogurt almost every day butt me tee the study. We is asciated with lower diabetes, heart disease and obesity. ‘S also loaded with protein, and that’ the motivatio the study, what else I lurking in that yogurt? So, th’s what Thi study looked at. It was done in uk now, a lot of different types ogurtut there so does one stand out more than the ot The study has asked question, there areot of different types so looked at them mted to children, orc yogus, fruit yogurt, eek and nuralrocts and then they really did a D into theredientsnd what they found in winner ineralas Greek yogurt tended to have thedd sugar, organic can also mislea,y again for products M it can beded with sugar and, again,t also LDT other macroents like protein and caium. I get lot of questions on there is a L cousion about terminology here. Is it addsugar, is it free or total sugar? Inhe.s. Theab are only right no saying total sugar turn thatro and loot that number because that is rtant. That is important. We’ll come over our LE yogurt parfait bar right here.tell us wo to cut down on sugar but Y some yogurt. Okay, absolutely, you can and fit I want you to and everyone watcng T num. The maxim daily called sugar pe days a men, 25 ams. For menike you, 36 grams. I still youo be able to enjoy it. If something sweet, ch your jobs are safe but grab aspoon. These my gooreek Yo cacao bs, -Mapps seed, have you ever tried th Hemphi-mapps, No thc inhe obviouslyut I didn’t mn it like that. Y did not mean it like that. Source of fiber. Put a little and add real fruit. Don’t over it but enjoy.

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