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Ohn clune,hayour me this min thanks orge. ‘S bring in Chris ristie, suy in and, sunny,’ve bee saying that the FBI invtion is necessary as . It appears it’s not going to ha. Before tomorrow’s hearing. That’s right and that’s sort of the wrong way to go but do thihat tht wa to go is haveormer cme prosecutor, a woman, exhese es not only dr.ord but alsud Kavanaugh bec thatson S the type of experience T I ha you ow how to deal leged victs sexual assault and how to examine them O I think T I the rht. But I havnever S a prosec, you know, examine a Wiess the benefit of an FBI agent or dettive having conducted inveig Chs, we’ve seen they’ve now schedule potentialoten Friday morning in the committee, floor vote dependingnow the hearing goes. Ckn point fromclune, would it help judge Kavanaugh if he’s going to justice kanaugh T have full F investigation. It’s judge Kavanaugh’s ice. Itike they’reoing to would you like one ouldn’t you. That’se of the people who have to make this dionake the te. Asar as the vote being F what I undersfrom the things senator gray said publicly, youknow, following order. Three da’ notice for a vote and G He wantsheoption He said clearly though publicly that I this come out in tomorrow’s hearing themnprepareo vote on Friday thene’ll put te so wants thetion. If not he’ll put it off. Thenator grassleyas conducted himself reasonable I th. Tried make sure, extendedline, didll the things he D whilerying get I to a ck questiofoboth. Ishere any way to know after toft W hear from Dr. Blasey Forand breavanaugh whether we know what happened on that in 1982. Well, not with T process price is therare other witnesses to these alleged why N’t mark judge classmtestifying. Ife is confirmed now it’s the taint of these allegaons. Thi if he’s conrmed there’s taint. You’re a justice O the supreme our otaint? Nope. We’ll find out. Big hearing tomorrow and I’l choring our live coverage starting a 10:00 a. Eastern, 7:00 pacifight here O ab Michael. Thank you, where is sureo face

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