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Oh, yes,moke coming out of his ears very talented. We move to our cry talk T a health alert about the drakead cancelcert over the weekend because he’s down wit the flu.seems a little early flu season but I guess not. Grge, can you bt again. We are seeing and remember act we can snfluenzall year round, 12 months out of the ar. He U.S. The flu season be fro octoberhrough March. And we’roing to starting reports from the southern hemisphere because that tends to action authat this year’s flu season will belike. I T early for us. In medicinere having a big meeting this week. The CDCs alr on it and, yes, you arerting to hear tal isolate reptsfing down with the flu. Who had their shot already Tut by the end of the mmer. St, September. Usually think October. Ober isha the CDC recommends that everyone should be vaccited six mth after by the end of a little bf ntroversy,george, now in some of the medic litature about B T end of T flu season. Just tart T getouuc in a as long as you’re vaccinated — an you get? No and it ces out eve ye. We’ve one say I got may and june.you good? No, there is a new oneut will be an T just came out. You’re an ns for pregnant women. Absolute system I suppress. I once had pret woman die of influenza. Ta serisl you can get it all tee . Plan to be pregnant this flu season, T that vaccinenow. Jen ashtonreatce, thanks very much.

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