Who is Mark Judge? Video

  • Now Playing: Ford: I thought Kavanaugh was going to ‘kill me’

  • Now Playing: Second accuser comes forward against Brett Kavanaugh

  • Now Playing: Kavanaugh: ‘This has destroyed my family’

  • Now Playing: Who is Mark Judge?

  • Now Playing: Senate committee votes to proceed with Kavanaugh confirmation

  • Now Playing: Woman who confronted Flake: ‘We forced him to listen’

  • Now Playing: SPECIAL REPORT: Sen. Judiciary Hearing votes to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination

  • Now Playing: Trump: Ford ‘a very fine woman’ with ‘compelling’ testimony

  • Now Playing: ‘This country is being ripped apart’: Sen. Flake at Judiciary Committee

  • Now Playing: Sen. Flake suggests delaying vote on Kavanaugh

  • Now Playing: How did Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony affect America?

  • Now Playing: America Ferrera gives her take on the Kavanaugh hearing

  • Now Playing: Sen. Dianne Feinstein rails against Kavanaugh’s ‘aggressive and belligerent’ behavior

  • Now Playing: ‘I can’t sit here anymore’: Sen. Harris said after walking out of meeting

  • Now Playing: Women confront Sen. Flake over Kavanaugh support

  • Now Playing: ‘We will continue this fight’: Sen. Blumenthal

  • Now Playing: GoFundMe campaign reference during Ford testimony

  • Now Playing: Several Democratic senators walk out of meeting

  • Now Playing: Kavanaugh ‘lied’ in interview, drank to excess, classmate from Yale says

  • Now Playing: Sarah Sanders on Trump’s reaction to Kavanaugh, Ford

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