Blackburn says ‘angry mob’ interrupted rally in Tennessee with Lindsey Graham Video

  • Now Playing: Blackburn says ‘angry mob’ interrupted rally in Tennessee with Lindsey Graham

  • Now Playing: Trump suggests it would have been better if the synagogue had protection

  • Now Playing: Donna Brazile: Trump ‘runs away from his responsibility as a leader’

  • Now Playing: Former FBI agent on soft targets: ‘It’s all just an excuse to harm people.’

  • Now Playing: Former FBI agent: ‘Because [police] went in when they did, it saved lives’

  • Now Playing: ADL head: ‘We should not look away when anti-Semitism is on the rise’

  • Now Playing: Pittsburgh City Council member: ‘We’re not going to be afraid ‘

  • Now Playing: Trump on synagogue shooting: ‘To see this happening again and again is a shame’

  • Now Playing: Pence won’t rule out closing down border ahead of midterms

  • Now Playing: GOP candidates: We will defend coverage for pre-existing conditions

  • Now Playing: Trump kicks off campaign rally by attacking ‘tone’ of media

  • Now Playing: Trump bears no responsibility for mail bomb plot: Pence

  • Now Playing: The Briefing Room: Bombing suspect faces up to 58 years in prison

  • Now Playing: ‘I’ve been toned down,’ Trump told reporters while discussing the political rhetoric

  • Now Playing: Obama tells Americans to reject ‘cynical politics’

  • Now Playing: Obama takes direct aim at Trump’s ‘lying’

  • Now Playing: FiveThirtyEight Senate forecast update for Oct. 26, 2018

  • Now Playing: Trump considers plan to bar migrants, deny asylum

  • Now Playing: Half of Republicans feel bullied at work, study says

  • Now Playing: Trump responds to arrest of alleged mail bomber

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