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“Been So Long” | Oct. 26

Premise: A single mother is deeply skeptical of love, but a good friend convinces her to go out and keep looking. The mother finds someone she makes a connection with, but the man has troubling baggage. Through the music of their neighborhood in London, the two explore the trials and tribulations of their budding relationship.

Is it good? Definitely good, but your enjoyment depends on how much the phrase “low-budget musical” appeals to you. Personally, I can barely sit through any sort of musical, so one that lacks a spectacular set or other theatrical eye candy makes it a tough watch.

Still, the director does a great job creating the most of her options. Nuanced light and color choices make this a visually beautiful movie. The acting work by the leads also shines. The emotional investment you’ll have in the “will they/won’t they” question should carry you through to the end.

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