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We have a consumer alert about holiday price wars. Target is taking on Amazon and Walmart offering free two-day shipping for online orders way before Black Friday. Our chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has the details. Good morning. Good morning. It seems to get earlier and earlier every single year. If forecasts are correct this will be one of the biggest retail seasons ever, deloitte is now expecting this we’re holiday sales to top $1.1 trillion. Every retailer is fighting for the biggest piece of that pie and it’s good news for you because it means more deals than ever before. This morning, the holiday retail race is officially on. ??? All the way ??? Reporter: Target taking a swing at retail rivals with free two-day shipping on online orders between November 1st to December 22nd. No minimum $35 purchase price like Walmart and no $119 a year prime membership like Amazon. If you want to be a player in the holiday retail space, you have to not only offer free shipping, of course, but you have to offer fast free shipping. It only solidifies them as a major player in the holiday retail market. Reporter: That competition great news for you, the consumer. It’ll be interesting to see what they do if they’re offering more promotion, more discount, more flash sales. I think that’s certainly on their mind. Reporter: From lower prices and improved services like driveup at target where you can order online and pick up your packages curbside to Walmart expanding its two-day shipping to include items sold by third parties on its website and simplifying in-store returns. Your favorite storefronts now also distribution hubs. So you get what you want a lot faster. Now, the biggest trends this year, you want to look for deals kicking off in the next few weeks, we’ll have those for you. Everything is going to be optimized for the millennial and on the go shopper so think shopping from your phone and with toys “R” us out of business, George, expect more toy offerings from the Walmart, the targets and Amazons of the world because now they have a place to fill. What are the hot ties now. So animatronic is the word of the season. That is toys that appear lifelike that can do lifelike things like hug you so fingerling hugs, these are these baby monkeys, they were a hot toy last season. But this season these toys will actually hug you, really rad robot, remote controlled. They have a built-in microphone and can be put in stealth mode for spying so you want to be careful as a parent with that one or anybody. And then for real critters, these are another interactive animatronic toy, again, back to that idea of toys that feel lifelike. That’s what’s hot right now. This whole phenomenon is a real example of how millennials are changing the face of shopping. Completely. This year you’re going to expect more convenience, more ways that you can shop. So that drive up to curbside model where you can shop online and go actually pick it up at the store, more personalization so stores have more and more data on you whether you like it or not both shopping in store and online they can personalize so expect more of that in your in-box and expect more of that in the in-store experience as well. Let’s go to ginger. Your “Gma” moment,

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