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And those machines right there, they will determine the winning numbers for tonight’s megamillion drawing, $970 million up for grabs and joining us now with someone who knows a thing or two about lottery drawings. Yolanda yohai, a longtime face of the New York lottery joining us — there she is right there. How are you? Good morning, “Gma.” How are you doing? We are great and you’re one of the most recognizable personalities in the country with the jackpot this big, this must be a very exciting time for you, I could imagine. Well, you know, it’s really, really exciting. I’ve been doing this job almost 29 years and it totally amazes me that when the jackpots are a little low or sort off at 40 million no one seems to have that mega millions madness or anything like that. But when they reach over 100 million in this case $970 million and also Powerball 430 million, that’s $1.4 billion up for grabs. People are crazy. They are seriously coming up to me. They’re seriously coming up to me wanting to touch me, asking me for numbers, things like that. Oh, my gosh. Yolanda, you’re fail use for your performance part of calling out the numbers. It’s not just you reading numbers. Do you up your performance level when the jackpot is higher and what’s the highest jackpot you’ve ever handed out? Well, you know, I’ve handed out a jackpot, my highest $326 million to some lucky winners here in New York. But I have the same kind of energy, if you don’t know, all the time, whether I’m announcing a $3 million jackpot, $40 million, 400 million or $1.6 billion, which was the highest, but we don’t announce those megas or powers. A lot of people don’t understand they come from Atlanta and Florida but I am the New York girl. And, Yolanda, we can’t let you leave without asking you to give us your signature introduction. Can you do that for us. Absolutely. I just want to tell you I’ve been here I told you over 29 years almost and they created a bobblehead of me for the new York lottery, I am Yolanda Vega, good luck, everybody. All right, Yolanda, thank you. Yolanda Vega. Good luck to everybody. That is right.

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