Neck collars providing answers to subconcussive impacts Video

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Transcript for Neck collars providing answers to subconcussive impacts

Soccer. It’s working and her partner. Hair. Brain injury. Researchers at Children’s Hospital Cincinnati I think they let’s. Even teens they specialized Pollard that applies pressure to. The east’s weekly bills that rain and rain is likely Tim upon impact researchers at girls’ soccer team at the collar had an impact on the brain and raised in eighteen and it didn’t Kotler these important as even minor. Here. Long. Hours. It now. It’s airing especially as Pollard can protect your brain from injuries. And sports. I paid for. Action. Out. I.

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{“id”:58568588,”title”:”Neck collars providing answers to subconcussive impacts”,”duration”:”1:00″,”description”:”The specialized collar, developed by researchers at the Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, applies pressure to the back of the neck.”,”url”:”/Health/video/neck-collars-providing-answers-subconcussive-impacts-58568588″,”section”:”Health”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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