Plane Carrying Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Aborts Landing

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex got an unplanned aerial tour of Sydney Harbour on Friday.

A Qantas flight carrying the royal couple had to abort a landing attempt in Australia’s largest city after a plane on the runway “failed to get out of the way,” the Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported, citing Sydney Airport officials.

The Qantas pilot reportedly asked passengers to look on the bright side, because they would get another “great” vista of the harbor. The pilot called it a “missed approach,” according to reports.

“There was an aircraft on the runway a little slow to roll… so the decision was taken to abort the landing,” went the announcement from the flight deck, according to the BBC. The pilot added: “You’ll get another great view of the harbor.”

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, formerly Meghan Markle, were returning to Australia from Tonga on their 16-day royal tour.

The maneuver was tweeted by reporters. Video showed the plane descending toward the runway, and then gaining altitude.

Qantas said the pilot performed a “go-round” and later landed the aircraft safely.

Meghan and Harry, who are expecting their first child, began their 16-day royal tour in Sydney and will remain there Saturday before a visit to New Zealand.


The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry wave goodbye before boarding their flight in Tonga.

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