Producer Ryan Murphy Donates $10 Million To Hospital Treating His Son’s Cancer

Producer Ryan Murphy just put his money where his gratitude is.

The co-creator of “American Horror Story” and “Glee” announced Monday that he is donating $10 million to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, which treated his son Ford for what he called an “often-fatal” form of pediatric cancer.

Murphy noted that Ford’s battle began two years ago, when doctors found an abdominal tumor “the size of a tennis ball” and diagnosed the boy with neuroblastoma.

The monster truck-loving lad endured a “huge surgery and several difficult procedures,” Murphy wrote on Instagram. He said that his husband, David Miller, and Ford stayed strong. “I was always a trembling wreck,” Murphy wrote.

Then the “Pose” producer offered the best news of all about his son, who just celebrated his fourth birthday. 

“Today he is thriving,” he said, crediting the hospital.

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