Republicans Hold Cash Edge Heading Into Final Stretch of the Midterms

The fund-raising reports for Future45 show that it raised less than $105,000 between the beginning of 2017 and the end of last month. But it appears to have received a late influx of cash, since it reported spending more than $4 million this month on a nationwide advertising campaign.

Its ad asserts that “voting for any Democrat” will empower “the far left moving to socialism, undefended open borders, immediate tax increases, 100 percent government-run health care,” as well as “the screaming, the violence, the smears and death threats” of angry mobs.

“Most strategists will say that if you’re the party in power in a midterm, you should localize,” Mr. Baker acknowledged. “But this is already a national election, and rather than walking away from that, we are embracing it and trying to expose the extreme elements of the Democratic Party, and what they’d do if they win the majority.”

At least some major Republican donors appear to be on board with the themes that Mr. Trump and supportive super PACs are using to try to nationalize the race.

“These attacks on free enterprise, and the idea that we want to go to socialism, which has failed throughout history, is scary to me,” said Frank VanderSloot, who owns an Idaho-based health and home products company called Melaleuca. The company has donated $500,000 to Congressional Leadership Fund, while Mr. VanderSloot and his family have donated another $285,000 to Republican candidates and committees.

“What’s driving me is to try to protect America as we know it,” Mr. VanderSloot said. He said he does not always like Mr. Trump’s rhetoric and “his attacking of individuals.” But he said he supports the president’s deregulation and tax-cutting measures, adding that he gave $2 million worth of bonuses to his employees after the tax cuts.

“The overall climate for business I think is greatly improved,” he said. “Our sales are way up. When you have people with more money, they buy your product.”

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