Seth Meyers Names And Shames Conspiracy Theory-Peddling Fox Hosts

Seth Meyers took certain Fox hosts to task on Monday’s broadcast of “Late Night” for propagating conspiracy theories.

The comedian noted how Fox Business host Lou Dobbs had claimed ― without any shred of evidence ― that the pipe bombs sent to CNN and leading Democrats last week were actually a “false flag” hoax aimed at hurting GOP candidates in the upcoming midterm elections.

“Dobbs might be the most unhinged conspiracy theorist on Fox, which is saying a lot given that Fox also employs this guy,” said Meyers, as a photograph of Fox News host Sean Hannity appeared on the screen.

Sean Hannity is what you would get if you gave Frankenstein the brain of Alex Jones,” he added. “But somehow Dobbs has managed to out-crazy him.”

 Check out the clip above.

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