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us. My plsure. Let’s talouare. You heard ser Durbin S the judge’s ruling is a reroblem for Republicans now. What’s your reaction to the judges ruling? The judge’sinr too sweeping. He could have taken a more surgical approacd just struck down the individual mandate and kept the reshe law intact.eve that it will B overturned. You say it’s going to be overturned he based hisgs on last year’s tax bill which brought the tax penalty. Heaid thatnvalidated the whole law. Any second thoughts on your vote on this? Nott it’s importao keep in nd whathe the invidual Mante was. 80% those whoaid the penalty under the individual mandate earned less than $50,000 a year. This dproportionely affect lower and middle income fa. In addition, not one democratic senatorff amendment to the repeal of the individu mandate, although they had the opportunity to do so.atserobably the most unpopular and unfair provisio of the affordablca act. There are many good provisions of thelaw. Thoseuld be retained. You V for this te beinprer premiums. That never happened. What needs to happen with amacare no Weid bring B hat would reduced premiums by as much as 40%. At came tohe floor in ea March. Regrettabl was block much to my surprise by mber of the democratdership. It’s something we shoutillpursue. Affordabity is a real problem for so many Americans who did not receive the subsidies under affordable act becausthey make St a little more than 400% of the povere.wee five dayaway om a partial government shutdown. We hea the presint say he needs wl funding. Hets thatbillion F the wall. We heard senatorbin say T Democrats are notng to provide that. Here anyway head the need and keep the government open? There is and we should. Therno excuse shut down rnis issue or any other issue. I suggest we revisit a compromise proposal we brought forth earlier this year. I helped craft it and it to fully fund border security.ncludes physicar like fences and walls, also lore border trol agents, more roads to get into these remote areas. It was a comprehensive package of homeland security. 46-4detefor this package and I think that’s a possible avenue for a compros it good ou presidtsrete wall. I hope it will be good enoughe president keep in mind the president’s budget thiyear had $1.6 billion for the W the oader sec package W .5 billion thaorked out witheland secuty to meet the others of Borr security which are at LE eqllportant. Ere’s a compromise and people will come tab fah on both S. Weave to prevent a government shutdown Let me ask you about your work on the senate iligence commit Adam Schiff who will be the chairman of the E teommittee TD new Yorker” this week he wants ite whether prent trp shaped policy to expand E, Russia, udi arabiausess interests an wsay the I working on their behalf, not his family’s financial interest. Right nodon’t thinany of us can he the confidence that’s the case. Do you have that confident? That’why the spial sel’s repo and investigation is so important. The specco be lowed to cplrk unimpeded with no interference. We on the senate intelligence mmittee are pursuing the counter intelligence investig it’s been a very bipartisan investigation. Mon es been interviewed. I thk that wilwrap up eay next year. We T we a reportn counter inlligence aspects.atrent obvious the criminal prosecutions and the investigations that the special cosel is underng senator colns, thanks for your time. Thank you.

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