Joe Biden on ‘The View’: Live Updates and Analysis

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is sitting down with “The View” for his first extended interview since announcing his third run for president on Thursday. The show, hosted by an all-female panel, is an interesting choice of venue for the 76-year-old Democrat: Mr. Biden entered the race weeks after several women came forward to say his interactions with them had made them uncomfortable, and he is facing a fresh round of criticism for his treatment of Anita Hill during the confirmation hearings of Justice Clarence Thomas (and for a recent conversation with Ms. Hill that she found wanting).

[Read more: Mr. Biden’s appearance comes one day into his campaign.]

Below, we’re following his appearance, with live analysis and observations, watching closely for how he handles questions about these subjects and how he begins to make the case that he is the Democrat best positioned to take on President Trump next year. [Refresh this page for the latest.]

Sydney Ember: Biden walked on stage, then the show immediately cut to a commercial break. So not much happening yet.

First question, on return: What took you so long to get into the race? He said presidential campaigns are long enough anyway.

Matt Flegenheimer: He came out to “We Take Care of Our Own” by Bruce Springsteen — a song used often by Barack Obama back in the day. Subtle!

Alex Burns: Biden is immediately asked about Charlottesville, Va., reiterating the criticism of President Trump from his announcement video and saying that right now, “The rest of the world, they look at us like, ‘My God.’”

And he explains he asked President Obama not to endorse him because he didn’t want it to “look like he was putting his thumb on the scale here.” Biden says he was “incredibly proud to have served” beside Obama, and in a clear implied contrast with Trump, boasts that their administration had no major scandals.

Matt: Joy Behar tees up a Biden special, suggesting the general election will come down to Pennsylvania.

“I am from Scranton,” he says, before joking that Philadelphia is “a suburb of Wilmington,” his longtime home. (“I know it’s not,” he clarifies.)

Biden then riffs on honoring the dignity of blue-collar work. “When’s the last time we went out and thanked the guy who saved the sewer from overflowing and getting into your basement?” he asks.

Sydney: Biden is asked what the biggest difference would be between Obama’s White House and his own. He waxes poetic a bit about how the two shared the same political philosophy and how they had lunch together once a week.

Then, he gets to the point, making sure to underscore that it wouldn’t just be more of the same (which some in the party are wary of): “On a philosophic basis, it’s about moving to the future,” he said. “It’s not about recreating what we did.”

Sydney: Now comes what we’re expecting to be the tricky part of the interview: he’s addressing the allegations from several women that his interactions with them made them uncomfortable.

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